Rotadisc Dryer

Disc Dryers (TEERA) are used for the continuous drying process of meat, bones, offal and blood.
The purpose of the Disc Dryer in the rendering process is to dry the product. If your company requires high capacities,
low energy input and the best possible end product the Disc Dryer is the perfect solution for you!
Up to 6,000 square feet of heat transfer surface
Space efficient packs maximum heat transfer area into each square foot of floor space.
Rotary closed loop steam system prevents condensate and non-condensable gas build-up in the discs for more efficient heat transfer
80% fewer exposed welds than competitive cookers and dryers
Disc edge wear bands are standard
Extra corrosion allowance on discs for longer life
Full length underframe for uniform load distribution and rigid drive mount.
Direct-coupled, base-mounted reducer.
Optional: stainless steel construction.
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