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Feather Meal Processing

                  Rendering is a process of both physical and chemical transformation using a variety of equipment and processes. All of the rendering processes involve the application of heat, pressure and the extraction of moisture. The temperature and length of time of the cooking process are critical and are the primary determinant of the quality of the finished product.


Feather meal processing line 
1 Capacity:20-120ton/day 
2 Making feathermeal 
3 Feather meal processing line 
4 Feather powder

Feather meal processing Line
Product Introduction:
This new tpye of wet processing feathermeal processing Line was designed and developed in 2006 after we analized the feathermeal market, considered the benefit of feathermeal processing companies and was instructed by the relevant experts according to the market developing situation.
 Models of feather meal processing lines:
The main models include TRfeed-30,TRfeed-50,TRfeed-80,TRfeed-120.
The whole assembly include spiral racking machine, spiral inner ari cooling machine,squeezing machine, primary and secondary drying machine,exhaust gas deodorizing machine and so on.
Features of feather meal processing lines:
With the low energy consumption, high efficiency and automation of the feathermeal machine, our feathermeal processing machines can meet the requirements of the market development.
Scope of Application:
fish feed, animal feed, poultry feed, farming companies at home and abroad
Products specification:
(Subject to the feather feedstuff of daily consumption)
Capacity : 30tons,50tons,80tons and 120tons/day (Bird feather processed)

 Fish Meal Processing
This small capacity fish meal production line is specially design and manufacture for our customers who want to process leftovers like fish head, fish sausages and offals, also can deal with small whole fresh fish, the whole production line has a compact structure, good-looking appearance, easy operate and good performance.
Raw materials: 
Whole fish, different kinds of fresh fish, fish heads, fish sausages and offals
Products: This line can be used to produce nutritional fish meal, it is high quality feed for different kinds animal such as dog, cat, cattle, fish, duck, chicken, the final meal can be easy digestion, nutrition will be 90% better absorbed.
Capacity:   2ton-3ton/day.we can also do 30ton/day,50ton/day,100ton/day.
Flow chart:
Screw conveyor----Cooking----Pressing----Drying----Packing
Machine NameModelInstalled powerLengthDiameter
Screw Conveyorφ160×40001.1kw4000mm200mm

Details of small fish meal machine

1Screw conveyorφ170×4000Equipped with reducer 1 set, SS304
2Electric heating boilerφ377×3500Outer heat preservation SUS430, thickness 0.7mm
Inner and outer cylinder: Q235B
Driving power: 1.5kw
Speed adjust by magnetization
3Screw presserφ219×1000Outer cover: SUS304 thickness 1.2mm
Seive mesh applied SUS304
Driving power: 1.5kw
4Electric heating dryerφ820×3500Inner and outer cylinder made of Q235B
Preservation SUS430, thickness 0.7mm
Driving power: 4kw V=30r/min
5Heat-transfer oil pump
Driving power: 1.5kw
6Electric control carbin
Electric control carbin 1 set
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