High pressure retort

                  1) Water immersion autoclave retort,
                  2) food retorting machine,pouch bag retort
                  3) Retort sterilizer for food packaging,
                  4) retort sterilizing system,
                  5) retort sterilization tank
                  6) Food package sterilization system ,
                  7) food sterilizing system after packaging
                  8) Water immersion single tank retort,
                  9) food package sterilization system
Features and performance:

 1.Electric heating steam generator, environment protecting, proper for food producing and developing 
 2.Control cabinet automatic control temperature, pressure, time, no need manual setting 
 3.Two safe interlocking devices, automatic alarming after sterilizing finished
 4.Power rate is optional which could accommodating with different client electric capability
 5.Double function with electric and steam
Sterilizing TankID (mm)50070090010001100120013001500
Height (mm)80012001500200024003000 37503750
Volume of the Inside Tank (m3)0.20.511. 7
Sterilizing Baskets1222344
Steam Consumption kg/cycle85150250285350385 420500
Design Temperature (°C)147 
Design Pressure (Mpa)0.35 
Steam Work Pressure (Mpa)0.4-0.6 
Cooling Water Work Pressure (MPa)0.3  
Compressed Air Work Pressure (Mpa)0.7
Outside SizesL (mm)11501650205026003050370045005650
W (mm)750950115012501350145015501750
H (mm)10001200140015001600170018002050
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